Integrated Health

We believe that providing physical health and behavioral health care in one setting creates a synergy that makes better medical and mental health outcomes possible.

The services of our Integrated Center for Health are available for clients enrolled in our Community Support Program.  Research shows that when people live with severe mental illnesses, they are more at risk for a variety of co-occurring medical conditions.  When treatment is integrated both physical and psychiatric symptoms improve.

In addition to providing primary medical care, the Center provides a wide range of Wellness Programs that include:

  • Million Hearts (Heart Disease Prevention)
  • WHAM (Whole Health Action Management)
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sleep Health
  • Nutrition programming

The Center’s treatment team includes the client and the case manager, medical and psychiatric providers, and peer wellness coaches.

  • Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians are available at many of Concord Hospital Medical Group practices.  These clinicians have specialty training in the behavioral management of health problems and knowledge of resources within the community.Working closely with the patient’s primary care provide to evaluate the mind–body–behavior connection, they will provide brief, solution-focused interventions and support concerns that are interfering with a person’s daily life or overall health.

    Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians are available to patients of the following practices:

Integrated health