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Children’s Services

Riverbend’s Children’s Services clinicians provide compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment to help young people and their families identify and resolve issues that keep them from success.

Counseling is available for a wide variety of issues like anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, divorce, blended families, school and/or learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, gender identity issues, grief, trauma, abuse, addiction, chronic illness, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Services are available at our offices in Concord and Franklin, at schools, in clients’ homes, and at other community locations.

Our Autism Program for Children and Families provides a comprehensive, coordinated approach that helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learn new skills and overcome a wide variety of developmental challenges.

The program includes the family, school, and other community supports to help the child and family learn, grow, and flourish.

Services are aimed at bringing about positive changes in behavior and are primarily based in the home and community. The clinical team is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Comprehensive ABA programs have helped thousands of children with autism experience significant improvements in learning, reasoning, communication, and adaptability.

The Child Impact Program is a court-ordered educational seminar that helps parents understand the impact of divorce, separation and custody issues on children. Participants learn how children often respond to feelings of separation, loss and changing family roles. A strong emphasis is placed on helping parents appreciate how ongoing parental conflict negatively affects children. Parents are presented with alternative models of communication, along with skill-building in conflict resolution and problem-solving in an effort to help them more effectively co-parent.

The seminar consists of two 2-hour sessions and participants must attend both sessions.

Registration is required: Child Impact Registration Form

Choices offers a special outpatient program for adolescents (14+) whose substance misuse is affecting the quality of their lives.

We offer:

  • Substance use and mental health evaluations;
  • Individual, group, and family therapy to address the behavioral, psychological and social aspects of addiction
  • Intensive Outpatient Program; Drug testing to monitor progress.

Start treatment today by calling 1-844-5-CHOOSE (844-524-6673).

Children's Services Treatment