Children’s Services

Children’s Intervention Program (ChIP)

Riverbend’s Children’s Program provides an array of mental health services to children and their families. These services are provided to children, adolescents and families with needs that require short-term or moderate interventions along with those with more severe difficulties who need more intensive, comprehensive services and long-term interventions.

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Child Impact Program

The Child Impact Seminar is a Court Ordered educational program to help parents understand the impact of divorce, separation and custody issues on children. The class is designed to help participants understand how children respond to feelings of separation, loss and changing family roles. The primary emphasis is on helping parents appreciate how ongoing parental conflict negatively affects children. Parents are presented with models of communication, conflict resolution and problem solving in an effort to help them effectively co-parent.

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ASDs Emotional & Social Enrichment Program

Riverbend’s Children’s Program provides services to children with an ASD and their families. The ASDs Emotional & Social Enrichment Program provides social skills groups for children, and support groups for parents.

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Incredible Years Support Group 

Our  Children’s Intervention Program will be offering an Incredible Years  parent support group from 5:30-6:30 pm.   This group will run on a weekly  schedule of  8 weeks on, then 4 weeks off, all throughout the year.  These support groups are designed for parents/caregivers who have already completed the 12 week Incredible Years program and will focus on continuing to the build on the knowledge, skills, and confidence gained through completion of the program.  In addition, the support groups will focus on helping parents improve on the 5 protective factors:  Managing stress, knowledge of child development, connection to friends and family, involvement in community, and accessing resources.  For more information or to register, please call Judy Stowell at 228-0547 ext. 4110.