Employment Services for Riverbend Clients

Job preparation and placement services are available to any Riverbend client. All choices and decisions about work – and the support received in securing and maintaining employment –  are based on  your preferences, strengths, and experiences.

Step 1: Referral

Talk with your Case Manager to coordinate with an Employment Specialists.

 Step 2: Evaluation

Your Employment Specialist will help you to identify  your skills, interests  and evaluate your job readiness.

Step 4: Job Search

Your Employment Specialist will support you in identifying employment opportunities, develop your resume, practice interviewing, and coach you through the entire process.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

An Employment Specialist is always available to assist you.  In addition to helping you achieve employment, they can help you receive the training and education you need to meet your job goals as well as provide ongoing guidance to ensure that you make informed decisions about Social Security and health coverage.