Riverbend Receives $15,000 Grant from Lincoln Financial Foundation

Grant Supports On-Site Substance Use Disorder Counselors at Concord Homeless Resource Center

Riverbend Community Mental Health is pleased to announce it has received a $15,000 grant from the Lincoln Financial Foundation to support Riverbend Clinical Case Managers with expertise in substance use disorders on-site at the Concord Homelessness Resource Center.

For close to 15 years, Riverbend’s Homeless Outreach Counselor has been providing support to homeless individuals with mental illness in the greater Concord community to access needed services as a step toward ending their homelessness. In 2015 Riverbend expanded its work to the resource center in order to to engage and develop relationships with their guests, and facilitate referrals to ongoing behavioral health services at Riverbend and other community providers.

Research shows a strong correlation between homelessness, substance misuse, mental illness, and chronic health problems.  It is estimated that there are nearly 300 homeless individuals in greater Merrimack County, NH.  To date, Riverbend’s has provided over 400 hours of services for nearly 200 resource center guests.

A critical component of ending homelessness is getting individuals engaged in behavioral health services.  Peter Evers, CEO and President of Riverbend stated, “These individuals are on the road to recovery and ending their homelessness thanks to the continued support of the Lincoln Financial Foundation.” Individuals in recovery are much likelier to retain employment and housing.

“Providing targeted mental health services to the homeless is a key component of the strategy to move Concord toward a homelessness rate of functional zero,” said Byron Champlin, program officer for Lincoln Financial Foundation. “Riverbend has the expertise to address the mental illness and substance abuse issues that often underlie long-term homelessness, and Lincoln Financial Foundation is pleased to partner with them.”