James Corcoran
Director of Facilities

Jaime Corwin
Human Resources Manager

Roy Dewinkeleer
Director of Acute Care Services

Osvaldo J. Evangelista, MD 
Medical Director

Peter J. Evers
President/Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl Ferren
Manager of Accounts Receivable

Sarah Gagnon 
Vice President Clinical Operations

Angela Greene 
Vice President Human Resources

Annemarie Jalbert 
Director of Residential Program

Karen Jantzen
Director of Community Affairs

Shanna Large
Director – Choices

Katie Lipp
Director of Integrated Care

Susan Lunt
Director – Franklin

Aki Mathieu

Agnes Miner 
Chief Information Officer

Allan M. Moses 
Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Mullen
Director of Community Support Program

Christopher Mumford
Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Sheryl Putney 
Director of Quality Assurance

Ellyn Schreiber
Director of Children’s Program