Psychiatric Emergency Services

Highly trained psychiatric emergency clinicians are available 24/7 

1-844-7-Help4U (1-844-743-5748)

If there is an immediate safety concern, call #911

Riverbend is an essential part of our community’s network of first responders providing emergency crisis assessment, intervention, and stabilization. Telephone crisis assessment services are available around the clock.  We also staff the Concord Hospital Emergency Department to provide safety and lethality assessments which might result in hospitalizations, discharges to the community with safety plans, and/or referrals to community-based services.  Crisis stabilization appointments are available for people requiring follow up to Emergency Department visits or requiring interventions with a Clinician, but not needing the level of assessment available in the Emergency Department.

Program specific services/activities:

  • 24-hour crisis line
  • 24-hour emergency evaluation and crisis intervention
  • Short-term crisis stabilization
  • Referral for outpatient mental health services
  • Information and referral for substance abuse treatment
  • Voluntary psychiatric hospitalization referrals, when appropriate
  • Involuntary Emergency Admission, when appropriate
  • Conditional Discharge Revocation, when appropriate
  • Complaint and Prayer for Compulsory Mental Evaluation, when appropriate
  • Mental health consultation to primary-care providers, schools and family members

For more information, please contact our office at (603) 226-0817

Riverbend’s Psychiatric Emergency Services also supports the community during and after traumatic events or disasters.

Crisis Incident Stress Management (CISM):  CISM is an evidence-based model for helping people recover from traumatic events by providing tools for managing stress reactions and other symptoms that can occur.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD): CISD brings together a group of individuals associated with a traumatic incident – usually within 72-hours – to identify issues, and plan next steps.  The goal is to mitigate the negative impact for those who experience a traumatic event.

Grief and Loss Counseling: Loss comes in many forms, and grieving loss effectively is a skill. Our staff is available to provide to provide compassionate guidance to those experiencing a traumatic loss.

Mental Health First Aide:

New Hampshire Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team: Riverbend, in partnership with Concord Hospital, the State Bureau of Behavioral Health, and other state and community based organizations – is part of a team of providers involved in the government response to a traumatic event or disaster.  The goal is to provide immediate and compassionate support to individual victims, family members, survivors, and the entire community.