Dare to Care : The Riverbend Challenge

OUR GOAL: To raise $120,000 by rappelling the SMILE! Building

Riverbend has joined forces with Over the Edge to produce Dare To Care. We invite you to participate as an Individual or as a Team to raise donations in exchange for the unique opportunity to rappel the SMILE! building on June 21, 2018. All donations support Riverbend programs so people can get the services they need and deserve.

**Early Bird Registration only $50**

Registration increases to $85 May 1st.

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Do I need rappelling experience to participate?  Not at all!

How old do I have to be? Anyone can participate.  The only age restriction is that under the age of 18 requires a parent or guardian signature on the legal waiver form.

Is there a weight requirement?  Equipment safety standards require that people must be between 100 and 300 lbs. in order to safely rappel.

How many stories will I be rappelling?  The SMILE! Building is 5 stories. The summit has spectacular views of downtown Concord!

How much do I need to raise? Each participant, fondly known as an ‘Edger’ needs to raise $1,000.  But do not fear!  We have lots of fundraising ideas to help you reach the summit!

Can I form a team? Yes! Teams of four (4) are encouraged and as a team, you only need to raise $3,000 for all 4 to rappel!

I don’t want to rappel – can I still donate? Absolutely! You can show how much you care by donating to the event.