Studies indicate that people with a severe mental illness have a life expectancy that is approximately 25 years shorter than the general population and are at increased risk of weight gain, obesity, and other associated adverse health outcomes such as diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.

InSHAPE  began through a Center for Disease Control (CDC) grant to Dartmouth Medical School to design a program aimed at improving the physical health and quality of life of people with serious mental illness.

The InSHAPE  staff are trained to address the symptoms and functional impairment affecting a client’s ability to manage his/her health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Staff work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary recovery team to provide health and wellness services to individuals on the various teams. Each consumer works with the InSHAPE  staff to develop a Health Action Plan to provide motivation and focus on the desired goal.

Additionally, the InSHAPE program participates in the  “Healthy Choices, Healthy Changes” and “Breathe Well, Live Well” programs.

Services Offered:

  • A Health Mentor, also a certified personal fitness trainer, trained in mental health
  • Reduced membership to the Concord YMCA
  • Advice from a nutritionist
  • Health consultations with nurses
  • The opportunity to attend group celebrations
  • Educational materials on exercise and healthy eating


Admission guidelines:

Clients active in the Community support Program are eligible to participate with:

  • Referral by their Case Manager or treatment team
  • Medical approval from their provider(s)