Integrated Center For Health

Integrated Care = Better Care

The Integrated Center for Health is a new program for Riverbend clients who are participating in the Community Support Program. The goal is to improve overall health by providing medical, behavioral health, and wellness services in a comprehensive and integrated program of care.

How does it work?

The treatment team includes the client, and their case manager, medical and psychiatric professionals, and wellness coaches. Research has shown that when someone is living with chronic psychiatric disorder,  they are more at risk for a variety of co-occurring medical conditions. When care is integrated and coordinated both physical and psychiatric symptoms improve.

Million Hearts®

Million Hearts® , a national initiative, aims to prevent heart attacks and strokes by:

  • Improving access to effective care.
  • Improving quality of care for the ABCS of heart health:
    • Aspirin when appropriate.
    • Blood pressure control.
    • Cholesterol management.
    • Smoking cessation.
  • Focusing clinical attention on the prevention of heart attack and stroke.
  • Activating the public to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Improving the prescription and adherence to appropriate medications for the ABCS.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation (colloquially quitting smoking) is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive, making the process of quitting often very prolonged and difficult


Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) is a peer support group model designed to encourage increased resiliency, wellness, and self-management of health and behavioral health among people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Run by Peer Wellness Coaches, clients engage in 8-week WHAM groups to support one another as they work toward, achieve, and maintain whole health goals.

Some of the skills learned:

  • Write an achievable whole health goal and weekly action plans
  • Create new health behavior
  • Elicit the Relaxation Response to manage stress
  • Engage in cognitive skills to avoid negative thinking
  • Know basic whole health screenings and how to prepare for them
  • Complete a shared-decision-making form for more engaging meetings with doctors



InSHAPE  began through a Center for Disease Control (CDC) grant to Dartmouth Medical School to design a program aimed at improving the physical health and quality of life of people with serious mental illness.

Some of the Services Offered:

  • A Health Mentor, also a certified personal fitness trainer, trained in mental health
  • Reduced membership to the Concord YMCA
  • Educational materials on exercise and healthy eating

Sleep Hygeine

Poor sleep habits (referred to as hygiene) are among the most common problems encountered in our society. This program helps individuals with:

  • Personal sleep helps
  • Sleeping environment
  • Getting ready for bed
  • Getting up in the middle of the night

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy eating helps to prevent many diseases which are linked to being overweight.  The goal of good nutrition means:

  • weight remains normal – not too low and not to high
  • weight remains stable – not going up and down all the time
  • all necessary food groups and vitamins are available
  • eating becomes and remains an enjoyable experience.