Our Mission: Caring for the mental health of our community

Our Programs

  • Riverbend Community Mental Health serves individuals, families, schools and employers throughout the county, with offices in Concord and Franklin. Our services are delivered in many locations - in...
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  • The Franklin Office provides the people of Franklin and surrounding communities in the northern part of Merrimack County with high quality, evidence based, community and...
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  • A variety of treatment options through our RCA, CSP and Residential Programs allow services to be tailored to optimize collaboration in the management of long-term psychiatric conditions.
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  • Children's Intervention Program (ChIP) Riverbend's Children's Program provides an array of mental health services to children and their families. These services are provided to children, adolescents...
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  • Emergency Services (ES) provides an array of services to the community.  Emergency phone consultations (1-800-852-3323), are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Safety and...
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JOIN US Wednesday, October 8, at the Capitol Center for The Arts to celebrate the 2014 Champions for Mental Health.


We are the Faces of Mental Health

“There is only one way to pry loose the iron grip of stigma surrounding mental health problems and treatment. It takes a few courageous souls to stand up and speak out; to change the conversation and change opinions.”